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"We once looked to the stars, and saw hope. But they... saw us".

The Collapse is a significant event in the history of Destiny when The Darkness pushed all of human kind back to earth. Humanity would have been extinct if not for the Traveler's protection.

The Golden Age

Before the Collapse, there was the Golden Age of mankind. When the Traveler appeared on Mars, prosperity was brought to all who it touched. As technology grew by leaps and bounds and the average lifetime tripled, a looming threat on the horizon reared its ugly head. The Darkness, the eternal enemy of the Traveler, had followed it across space and time, and laid waste on the worlds it had touched.

The Great War

For a time, war raged between the Traveler and the Darkness, with millions dead in mere days. In its last, desperate attack, the Traveler sacrificed itself to destroy the Darkness temporarily, saving humanity and its kin races. Humanity suffered a great loss in the death of the Traveler, and fell into an age of disease and poverty. As the last vestiges of humanity assembled, they created the City in the shadow of the now dormant Traveler.

Surviving the Collapse

The Guardians soon appeared following the collapse, displaying powers granted by the Traveler in its last dying breath. Along with the Ghosts, the Guardians wage war against the last vestiges of the Darkness, including the Fallen, Cabal, Vex, and Hive species. Now, humanity awaits destruction by the ever-nearing Darkness, while the Guardians seek some way to return the Traveler to life, to combat the Darkness and finally bring an end to the eternal conflict.

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