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Parameter name Variable name Property name(s) Value
name name Has name Sekrion, Nexus Mind
description description Has description The Vanguard's intelligence sources now believe, with good confidence, that Sekrion oversees the expansion of the Vex network through the crust of Venus.

The Hydra chassis common to many Vex Axis Minds boasts impressive computational capacity. Sekrion likely uses this capacity to regulate coordination and crosstalk between Minotaurs operating in the construction role.

Destroying Sekrion should significantly hamper the Vex effort to incorporate the entire planet into their network.

quote quote Has quote
quote_author quote_author Has quote author
unlock_details unlock_details Has unlock details Unlock this card by playing Destiny.
bonus_name bonus_name Has bonus name
bonus_description bonus_description Has bonus description
image image Has image sekrion-nexus-mind-image.png
icon icon Has icon sekrion-nexus-mindicon.png
points points Has point value 15
rarity rarity Has rarity
Has rarity/index
themeName themeName Has theme name Enemies
themeImage themeImage Has theme image /common/destiny_content/grimoire/hr_images/enemies_33af074f3b4df61d3d1e7bf530a24d66.jpg
pageName pageName Has page name Vex Axis Minds
pageImage pageImage Has page image /common/destiny_content/grimoire/hr_images/vex-axis-minds_2975f669b3e3bf01266102daccd69e05.jpg