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This template is used to set up an item data page.

This is for data about an item's talent slots. For data about the actual item, {{Item data}} is used once at the top of the page before {{Talent slot data}} is then used for each slot. This is required, as this template cannot function correctly without {{Item data}}. {{Talent data}} is then used for the talents that can be in each slot.

Generally speaking, these will be set up as Data namespace pages by periodic automated imports of data extracted from the game client, so it isn't recommended that you set these up yourself. You may want to edit them to update outdated data from time to time, though. Note, though, if imports are consistently adding incorrect information to a data page, you should instead use the appropriate parameters on {{Talents}} (correct template?) on the content page instead.

This template shows the data in a table like the one above automatically when used on pages in the Data namespace, but shows nothing when used elsewhere. This is because the data page is transcluded on its content page. The show_data parameter is provided if you want to test data pages in your userspace, though. Setting that to yes will cause it to display the table.


{{Talent slot data
  |show_data=yes or no
  |col=column number for the slot
  |row=row number for the slot
  |random=true or false, true if the talent is selected randomly