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The Darkness is a mysterious entity which has pursued The Traveler throughout the course of history in the universe of Destiny.


The Darkness is a mysterious and ancient entity which acts as the direct enemy to the similarly ancient Traveler. As the antithesis to The Traveler, it was the cause of the Collapse which ended the great Golden Age of humanity. During the last battle between the Traveler and the Darkness, the Traveler sacrificed itself in defense of humanity, temporarily saving it from annihilation. After the battlegrounds fell silent, the Traveler sat, dormant and silent, hovering above Earth and protecting The City.

Because the final battle happened so long ago in the history of Destiny, few remember the exact scope and nature of the Darkness, remembering only that it was terrible and its evil was beyond measure. Now, with the Traveler silent and wounded, the Darkness has returned to finish its course of war. The Guardians, bestowed powers by the Traveler, are doing all they can to push the evil back, searching for a way to bring the Traveler back.

The Guardians face steep opposition however: just as the Guardians are granted powers by the Traveler, so too are the Fallen, Vex, Cabal, and Hive species empowered and emboldened by the Darkness.

Theory: Entity of Corruption

Many fans have theorized that the Darkness is an entity of corruption more than an actual, physical enemy. Interestingly, many fans have argued that the Darkness is the fundamental opposite of The Guardian, and is the natural result of the efforts of The Traveler; in other words, The Darkness is the result of the Golden Ages caused by the Traveler.

Theory: Yin and Yang

Many story elements seem to suggest that The Darkness is the natural result of the existence of The Traveler. In a strange Yin and Yang sort of way, The Darkness is as natural and omnipresent as The Traveler, and one cannot exist without the other.


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